-UFG-Kirk :: Affiliated Twitch Streamer

Who Is Kirk?

I'm a guy sitting at a computer doing things that I find enjoyable! I started streaming for the social aspect, so that I could chat with a few of my friends while I was playing games or working on projects. My community began to grow and I began to take it more seriously. I am now an affiliate with Twitch as of December 2017.

Are you a professional streamer?

Nope! Despite having a website and a stream schedule, I am still in denial about being a professional streamer. Mostly, because I have a full time job. I am a Linux Systems Administrator for a datacenter and cloud hosting provider!

Gaming Streams

The Stream

Currently, I mostly stream:

  • Live DJ Sets
  • Offworld Trading Company
I've also been known to stream:
  • IRL streams doing interesting things, like PC building.
  • Halo
  • Titanfall \ Titanfall 2
  • Super Mario Bros. 3
  • Other Retro Games!

Stream Schedule

I generally stream whenever I feel like it at the moment. You can follow the Twitter for stream updates.

I normally stream no earlier than 9PM CT on weekends (1AM CT on weekdays), and no later than 4AM CT.

I traditionally spin a live DJ set every Sunday night, so keep an eye out for that if you enjoy my DJ streams.

I'd like to know about your setup!

Check out these pages for details on my gaming setup and DJ setup!

What Is UFG?

UFG was a Halo clan I founded back in 2005. It sparked many great nights with good friends over the years, and motivated me to learn a lot of new skills like coding so I could progress things forward. I've carried the clan tag for so many years that it stayed a part of my gaming identity many years after the clan became largely irrelevant. Now, it's a tribute to my roots.

The United Federation of Gaming lives on as our up and coming Twitch streamer community. Check us out!

Live Twitch DJ Sets

I started experimenting with DJ'ing in April of 2017. For the most part, I've practiced and learned entirely while broadcasting. What started out as a small community of my friends has grown into an awesome community. It still amazes me how many people stop by to enjoy the tunes with us!

I try to do a DJ set at least once a week, spinning a variety of music that I feel like listening to, ranging from vocal house to the hardest trap and dubstep I can find!

DJ Set Sundays

Since the beginning, we have cemented a tradition of DJ Set Sundays. This is usually my longest set of the week and has gone as long as 8 hours before! Sunday nights are our best DJ streams and seems to be when we have the most chat participation. Come say hi!


I finally feel that my mixes are worthy of repeating, so we are uploading our DJ sets to Mixcloud now! If I don't do enough sets for you or I'm streaming too late for you, this is a great way to check out the mixes!