DJ Setup

As a streamer, I am often asked about my setup. So, here you go!

Yes, I do DJ on a desktop computer. I'm not another DJ MacBook. :P

The mixer is the most expensive part of this setup. Most of the computer stuff was thrown together from spare parts and whatever I could pick up cheaply.

Since my setup has the luxury of being in a basement, I can set up some extremely homebrew and ghetto mounting and such, which makes it really convenient for me to provide a unique experience with lighting and overhead cameras without all the hassle of making it look good to a bystander!

Components List

Core DJ Setup:

Peripherals & Stuff:

The Official DJ PC:

Special Effects:

Amusingly Recycled Stuff:

  • Sound System: Kenwood Home Theatre that my parents didn't want anymore.
  • Desk: The old kitchen table from the house my parents literally lived in when I was born.

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