Gaming Setup

As a streamer, I am often asked about my setup. So, here you go!

There are two computers powering this setup. My workstation is running Linux Mint with the MATE desktop interface, and powers the 3 monitors. I don't actually use the triple monitors for any gaming, that is mostly a productivity setup. I primarily game on the big TV, which is connected to my Windows 10 gaming PC.

I use Synergy day to day to make both computers behave like a single computer, in terms of sharing a single keyboard and mouse. This isn't ideal for gaming, so I also have a physical USB switch to change which computer has the physical keyboard and mouse USB devices attached.

Setup Goodies:

My Custom Gaming PC:

My Workstation:

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Another view of my setup, with my green screen folded up and ready to go!

Yes, I do think my DX Racer is comfortable! They're definitely not cheap though.

BTW, Power Is Important:

This setup will not only keep my desk (including screens and speakers) running in the event of a power loss, but should also protect from surges and any other unusual unexpected voltage conditions.